• Produce and distribute of various food flavors, compound food additives, seasonings and key food ingredients.
  • Provide services for customers product development and imitation of various food flavors and seasonings.
  • Provide various food manufacturing processes Know how in their products and formulas
  • OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Assist customers to solve flavor problems
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  • Premium Food Flavor
    Boshin co. has been providing the food industry with stable and high-quality food flavors. Boshin co. can provide flavors that meet customer needs and solve flavor problems in products for customers.
  • Professional R&D team
    Boshin co. has a professional aroma component analysis and identification team, which can customize special flavors and ingredients, and develop high-quality, hygienic and safe food ingredients for our customemes to let them can easily develop new products.
  • Stable product supply
    Boshin co. has a professional food additive manufacturing legal factory registration, and has obtained Taiwan FDA food safety certification, HACCP, ISO 22000 international food safety management certification and Indonesian MUI halal certification. The company's product delivery coni time is stable, short time, and feedback service for customers is fast.